"realtime" + eary video art

"realtime" new media art

Dialtones (A Telesymphony) 2001 | Golan Levin, Gregory Shakar, Scott Gibbons, Yasmin Sohrawardy, Joris Gruber, Erich Semlak, Gunther Schmidl, Joerg Lehner, and Jonathan Feinberg

Arcangel Constantini

Daito Manabe

Satellite Jockey by Rick Silva

"Gramophone records, magnetic tapes, vinyl records, digital samplers and coputers have already liberated the samples long ago. But still - to infringe copyrights - one has to decide which sample one actually wants to steal. One has to arduously load audio files into sample editors or sequencers. One has to cut, copy, paste and arrange. All that takes precious creative energy and a lot of time. Enough of that! Copyright infringements have never been easier than with sCrAmBlEd?haCkZ!" - Sven Konig



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